Due to staffing issues or the team's workload, your accountancy practice may have decided to outsource tax. If small business owners don't want to hire and train in-house tax accountants, they may have decided to choose tax outsourcing services. For whatever reason, you are now tasked with partnering with a professional and reliable company to help you beat the rush but choosing the wrong company can create a risk to your company and its credibility.

Some points need to keep in mind before hiring the right tax outsourcing partner. Here are some key points we shared about tax outsourcing partners.


Check how many years of experience the firm has in tax preparation and submission. Make sure they hire qualified and experienced accountants. Also, check their website and find out more details about the company.

Data security and quality processes:

Financial details are sensitive by nature. No accountant should choose to work with an outsourcing company that doesn’t have stringent security standards in place. Choose GDPR compliant firm.

IT infrastructure and technology capabilities:

Tax outsourcing companies invest heavily in IT infrastructure, modernised technologies, and high-speed broadband to access your desktops remotely. Needs IT infrastructure and secure technological resources to manage outsourced tax return work.

Provides training to accountants to keep updated:

Find out about they provide accountancy and tax training internally. Avoid outsourcing companies that can’t provide regular training for the latest accounting updates. If they provide regular training, their accountants are updated about the latest changes in accounting and taxation.

How they treat their tax accountants:

Determining how they treat their employees is also an effective factor to check. Even look them up online and on social media to get a sense of what the company is like. If they keep their staff involved and provide a fair work atmosphere, they will definitely post it on social media.


Check whether their fees are reasonable or not on their website. If fees are not found on their website, ask them by call or email whether they work by hours or provide dedicated full-time employees. Check their working model and fee structure before you choose them as your tax outsourcing partner.

The above things help you hire the right outsourcing company. Once you know what qualities to examine, you’ll feel much more confident in your selection to move forward. Choosing the right partner at the start will save you a ton of time, money and headaches down the road.

Doshi Outsourcing is a leading outsourcing firm. They can prepare your tax returns within 3-5 working days, and forward you all workings by email including tax computation to get your approval. Once you are approved, they will file tax returns online, and also email you proof of submission.

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